Contemporary art fairs in South Africa

Contemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South Africa
Contemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South Africa

Contemporary art fairs in South Africa

World-wide influences, cultural diversity, and technological advancements are a part of the contemporary art world. And that same contemporary culture is explored in Africa as well as the rest of the world. South Africa invites you to celebrate the rise of contemporary African art through their various festivals that are held during the year.

Find an event near you or get ready to book a weekend away – it’s time to keep up with the art of the times and see what African contemporary artists have to say.


Investec Cape Town Art Fair

Happening now at the Cape Town Convention Centre from 16 to 18 February 2018 is the Investec Cape Town Art Fair. Showcasing “contemporary art from Africa to the world, and the world to Cape Town.” There will be African artwork displayed in The Main Section, Tomorrows/Today, SOLO, Past/Modern, Unframed, Editions, Cultural Platforms and Magazines & Publications galleries. Every gallery showcasing different forms of contemporary art for everyone to enjoy.

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair’s mission is to showcase the new and emerging trends in African art and this is exactly what they do. They undertake the responsibility to educate the public about contemporary African art by providing an environment that encourages innovation in the department of art collection, production and appreciation.


Winter Sculpture Fair

The weekend of 12 and 13 May 2018 will see the Winter Sculpture Fair in the NIROX Foundation Sculpture Park in Krugersdorp, Gauteng. This is an event brought to you by Artlogic that focuses on contemporary sculptures in a social marketplace environment.

Partnering with Franschhoek Tourism, the Winter Sculpture Fair is an event of art, food and wine. You can enjoy a day out of the city and into the country at R220 – R240 per person. Spend a day with the family or call all your friends together for a day of culinary and visual pleasure. The NIROX Park’s Save me from the single story exhibition will be on display for all those attending.


Grahamstown National Arts Festival

11 days of visual and performance art is happening at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown between 28 June and 8 July 2018. This annual arts festival is the largest of its kind on the continent and offers an open-access stage in the form of their Fringe Programme. Productions, film, visual art and music are the arts and culture categories that you can take part in or enjoy viewing at this festival.


Turbine Art Fair

Between 12 and 15 July 2018, you can attend the Turbine Art Fair (TAF) in the Turbine Hall in Newtown. TAF (by The Forum Company) is a platform for emerging artists, starting out collectors and boosts new or young art galleries in an attempt to inspire its audiences. Over 50 galleries will be on exhibit and available for viewing.

But the TAF offers more than just art exhibitions, there is live music, food, drinks, books and more for visitors to enjoy throughout every day of the event.


FNB Joburg Art Fair

11 years running, this art fair (another by Artlogic) happens at the Sandton Convention Centre and has tickets available for this year’s fair running from 6 to 9 September. 2018 will see the works of WangechiMutu, Aida Muluneh, Sanaa Gateja, Serge Alain Nitegeka, RehemaChachage, Ato Malinda (Alex Mawimbi), Sarah Waiswa and Osborne Macharia and many more.

For paintings, sculptures, photography, prints and multimedia exhibited in different categories, such as contemporary, modern, solo presentations, limited editions and art platform galleries, there is art of all shapes, sizes and types for art-lovers to appreciate at this four day fair. There are even one-day film and talk programmes free and open to the public. The FNB Joburg Art Fair encourages all people to be aware of the ongoing contemporary art movement in Africa.   


Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair

Once again, Artlogic has created a boutique fair experience for lovers of all things art. The Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair will take place over the weekend of 12 and 14 October 2018. Attendees can look forward to a rooftop wonderland of top designers, chefs and winemakers. On the rooftop of Hyde Park Corner’s shopping centre is where crafters, artisans and chefs come together for a social lifestyle event that welcomes the African contemporary culture.


Infecting the City

Infecting the City is a public arts festival in Cape Town that brings the art from theatre stages and art galleries to the streets and urban spaces. It is the longest running public performance arts festival of its kind and is a unique integration of arts, culture and the city’s people.

These are also only a few of the contemporary art fairs in South Africa, but do whatever it is you must to make sure you attend at least one of these art fairs in your lifetime.

Contemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South AfricaContemporary art fairs - South Africa